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Spreading the love of ALL Chinese VOCALOIDs!

:bulletblue: Luo Tianyi (洛天依) :bulletwhite: YANHE (言和) :bulletpink: Xin Hua (心華) :bulletred: Yuezheng Ling (乐正绫) :bulletblue: Stardust (星尘)

:bulletgreen: Yuezheng Longya (乐正龙牙) :bulletpurple: Mo Qingxian (墨 清弦) :bulletwhite: Zhiyu Moke (徵羽 摩柯)

:bulletblack: Zhanyin Lorra (战音 Lorra)
Founded 2 Years ago
Jul 14, 2014


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Fan Club

98 Members
105 Watchers
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Upcoming VOCALOIDs and Rules!

你好! This is the VOCANESE-FC!

This group is targeted for ALL Chinese capable VOCALOIDs, not just the ones by Shanghai HENIAN, who runs the official Vsinger group. :) We do not want to cause misconception, so we apologize for adding the other non-Vsinger (formally known as "VOCALOID CHINA" in 2012 and "VOCANESE" in 2014) characters here, but this is a group open for all of them.

VOCALOIDs who are NOT part of the actual Vsinger group:
:bulletpink: Xin Hua :bulletpink: Stardust/Xingchen :bulletpink: Zhanyin Lorra

"VOCALOID CHINA Welcomes You!" is a pun on the Beijing Olympics 2008 slogan "Beijing welcomes you!"

Release Dates:
:bulletblue: Hatsune Miku V4X; Japanese (Crypton Future Media) - August 31, 2016
:bulletblue: Hatsune Miku V4 English (Crypton Future Media) - August 31, 2016

Estimated Dates:
:bulletblue: UNI; Korean (ST Media) - September 2016
:bulletblue: Macne Nana Plus: Macne Nana; Japanese/English. Macne Petit; Japanese (MI7 Japan/AH-Software) - 2016
:bulletblue: Yuezheng Longya; Chinese (Shanghai HENIAN) - 2016
:bulletblue: UNI; English (ST MEDiA) - Spring 2017

General Upcoming:
:bulletblue: Luo Tianyi V4; Chinese (Shanghai HENIAN)
:bulletblue: Mo Qingxian; Chinese (Shanghai HENIAN)
:bulletblue: Zhiyu Moke; Chinese (Shanghai HENIAN)
:bulletblue: IA English (1st PLACE)

:bulletpink: Please submit your art in the correct folders~

:bulletpink: Each folders has its own rules! Check them out by clicking on the folder itself

:bulletpink: The featured folder is solely for more than one character. It MUST have at least one Chinese VOCALOID/Vsinger character in it. Characters dressing as a Chinese VOCALOID/Vsinger character can also be put here.

:bulletpink: The folders are organized by released Chinese VOCALOIDs, upcoming Chinese VOCALOIDs and Inactive/Cancelled Chinese VOCALOIDs. Put the character in the right folder.

:bulletpink: If the deviation needs a mature tag, we'll let you know (though I doubt this would happen)

:bulletpink: Respect other members and artists. NO HATE COMMENTS ARE ALLOWED

:bulletpink: Stolen artwork is also not tolerated.

:bulletpink: The pets would also be filed under their owner's folders

:bulletpink: Original designs, such as Yayin Gongyu, would go into the folder of their new designs

:bulletpink: Genderbends also go with their original VOCALOID

:bulletpink: We will only affiliate if the group is related to VOCALOID

:bulletpink: Any questions, just ask ~ :)

:bulletpink: More importantly, HAVE FUN! <3

:bulletred: Icon by the lovely Haneoka

Recent Legend songs (over 1 million views on original upload):

:bulletblue:"千年食谱颂" / "A Millenial Menu of China" by H.K.Kun feat. Luo Tianyi

:bulletblue:"DOTA税"/"Delusion Tax" cover by gao111572, feat. Luo Tianyi.

:bulletblue:"怪物大暴走"/"Rampage of Monsters" by ilem featuring Luo Tianyi/YANHE
Another picture of Tianyi's design was shown. It's the same one as the promotional image before the concert started, but it shows the whole design

And the other thing: Tianyi's second song in the concert, the new one using her V4 voicebanks, was revealed to be named "夜舞 (Yè Wǔ)", which is roughly translated to something like "Night Dance" or "Evening Dance" (via Google Translate anyways-). I believe if I'm reading the correctly, the composer was G.K., the lyricist is naru, and the tuner is Dongdian-P.

If you had trouble watching the video, you can listen to the song through Kugou. Just wait for the page to load and hit play! Login is not required. :)

Luo Tianyi V4 Power demo - 夜舞

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I'm interested! I want to make Chinese Vocaloid music some time. I will try to buy Luo Tianyi I think but still looking for other possibilities
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Thank you!  It's a little difficult trying to run groups that don't involve the extremely popular VOCALOIDs.  We kind of have to look for people who know about the Chinese VOCALOIDs and not many do. ^^;

There's other groups that are dedicated to specific languages or characters, like :iconenglish-vocaloids: for instance.
Otori0Menta Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Student Artist
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