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Hello everyone.

I have more Chinese VOCALOID related news, but I'm warning you that it's not very happy...

If you have been paying close attention to Vsinger and its history, then you would know that it went through a few name changes. You may also know that Ren Li, the former president of Shanghai HENIAN, retired. You may know about the Chinese fans' reaction towards YANHE, where they hated her existence and rejected her, wanting the original VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT cast. You probably felt very confused about why YANHE existed and not the other 4 cast members just like them. And why did Ling come out 3 years after Tianyi?

All of these answers could be found in the deep, dark, cracks of Shanghai HENIAN's secrets. These secrets fill in all of those gaps.

But... wouldn't we get into trouble if we knew about these? SHN wouldn't want to allow this, right? That's true, this is something that could potentially destroy SHN's reputation. But now, they're not even denying these claims. We'll get to why in a moment.

Recently on October 19th, in the east fandom, someone revealed these secrets in a long article. These secrets date back to 2013, when YANHE was in development.

But... it wasn't actually YANHE.

Ms. Liu, the voice provider, was actually asked to voice a male character. And that male character was none other than Zhiyu Moke. We were supposed to have our first male Chinese VOCALOID 2 years ago.

However, something went terribly wrong. Ren Li, the president of SHN (from start - 2015), ended up using the funds for himself instead of towards Moke's project. Specifically, he spent the funds in a prostitute house.

YAMAHA wondered what happened to all of the funds they lent to the company. When they found out that it was spent recklessly and for selfish needs, they took away the character rights of the VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT cast. In turn, Moke's image could never be used for the finished voicebank that was developed. Out of options, SHN hosted another design contest and thus, YANHE was born.

In early 2014, SHN bought back the rights of the characters and were able to create voicebanks for them. This ended their ties with Bplats and they became independent. The next VOCALOID they wanted to develop was Ling. And since Bplats developed the voicebanks for Tianyi and YANHE, SHN had to train a new team to create their new VOCALOIDs.

This is why the other characters never became VOCALOIDs until now. It was never because they did not want to or were not up to it. They tried to create Moke, but due to the president spending the funds for himself, VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT was temporarily destroyed. The Chinese fans did not know what happened and were greatly confused as to why YANHE was here, but not Ling and the others. They were outraged and some of them decided to hate YANHE, deeply convinced that she was replacing the other four. This hurt YANHE’S initial popularity and her sales.

One person, an MMDer named Flexin, tried to alert the fandom. He tried to tell everyone that YANHE's voicebank was supposed to be Moke's. But in response, no doubt as Ren Li's decision, SHN responded to him by posting a lawsuit as a threat. Flexin ended up keeping silent about this for four months. For the people who did find out about it, they kept to themselves to avoid receiving the same treatment Flexin had.

Eventually, come March 2015, Ren Li resigned. Mr. V came to replace him as president. But in reality, Ren Li was fired for being irresponsible. Under Mr. V's leadership, VOCANESE (2014 name) was renamed to Vsinger as a way to start fresh and new. SHN successfully released their first VOCALOID, Ling (meaning completely developed by SHN with no assistance from Bplats), and already have plans to release more VOCALOIDs.

Since Ren Li no longer worked at SHN, the idea of a lawsuit became less of a threat, which is why this information is spreading around now.

But as consequence, once the Chinese fans found out, they not only launched their anger at Ren Li, but at YANHE too, as her existence came at the cost of Moke's. SHN responded by trying to dispel the anger towards her, pleading that she did nothing wrong and is incapable of doing these actions (she is a VOCALOID product after all). Curiously and fortunately, the fans did not launch their anger at SHN, as the company had nothing to do with those past actions anyways.

We apologize for not bringing these news to you sooner. We were trying to find the best words to describe the situation and we were waiting for the Chinese fans to calm down. We ask you not to be angry at SHN or Mr. V. They were concealing this in order to protect the company, VOCALOIDs and the fanbase. The company had nothing to do with their former president's irresponsible actions. We hope you could forgive the company and to continue loving the Chinese VOCALOIDs. Remember, even if the rest of the cast aren’t here right now, they will in the future.

Thank you for reading and for your patience.

Article source here:…

If you question whether or not it is true, G.K. wrote the article. He was a former member of SHN and if I recall correctly, he did work on some Tianyi songs.
GoldenNocturna Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Student Writer
Poor Yan He...
metouji Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm still in awe honestly, I'm not quite sure how to take these news. I mean I really don't like that the Chinese fanbase lashed out at Yanhe,  instead of..yknow, the former president. It's just kind of surreal to think that this happened. I remember everyone thinking it was weird that Yanhe came out before Ling, but everybody brushed it off after a while. Just goes to show you when something seems weird....
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